What To Expect

Clark BHL offers a legal services experience tailored for the modern economy.  Gone are the days when the only option for top-quality legal services is to pay top dollar for a big law firm.  By maintaining low overhead costs, Clark BHL is able to pass those cost savings on to you, the Client.

When healthcare and business operators engage Clark BHL, they get more than experienced legal counsel; they also engage an approachable entrepreneur and small business owner with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and corporate operations.


Clark BHL is a member of the HELO law group, a new and innovative network with high levels of experience in complex legal matters.  HELO, short for high experience low overhead, is made up of experienced lawyers who all practice in small law firm settings.  Each lawyer in the network delivers the same quality of service found in large law firms, but is able to offer substantially lower rates and more flexible billing arrangements.  By pooling legal resources and experience, HELO lawyers provide unparalleled efficiency and value for services required for engagements of any size.

More information can be found at www.HELOlawgroup.com.